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Miejsce Poznań University of Life Sciences, Dojazd 11, Poznań
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The conference will provide an international forum for exchange of ideas and networking between basic scientists, clinicians, and nutritionists, as well as the pharmaceutical and food industries representatives. The meeting will include plenary lectures, invited talks, contributed talks, poster sessions, round table discussions, and meet the expert sessions. Thanks to the presence of the most prominent and recognizable experts in the field, the meeting will be an inspiration and intellectual feast for everyone.

Participation in the conference will provide an excellent opportunity for new researchers to present their findings, set up new collaborations, and find job opportunities in academia or industry. We look forward to meeting you in any convenient way, either in-person onsite in Poznan or remotely online in June 20-24, 2021.

The conference will cover the following topics:
1.The causes and consequences of deficiencies in the metabolism of B vitamins and homocysteine
2.Genetic polymorphisms affecting one-carbon metabolism
3.Epigenetic mechanisms in hyperhomocysteinemia and B vitamin deficiencies
4.Effects of microbiome on homocysteine/one-carbon metabolism; the role of dysbiosis in human disease
5.Interactions between homocysteine, B vitamins, and reproduction
6.Dysregulation of homocysteine/one-carbon metabolism and the development of neurological diseases
7.Functions of choline in one-carbon metabolism in health and disease

Preliminary program:
Session 1: Genetics and epigenetics of hyperhomocysteinemia
Session 2: Methionine, one-carbon metabolism, and life span
Session 3: Microbiome and one-carbon metabolism in health and disease
Session 4: Protein modification by homocysteine in health and disease
Session 5:B-vitamins, Hcy, and protein N-homocysteinylation (neural tube defects; male infertility)
Session 6: Hcy and CVD (brain, heart, kidney)
Session 7: Hcy and neurodegeneration (brain, eye)
Session 8: Hcy, one-carbon metabolism, and cancer

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