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Conference Description & Goals: 

This cutting edge conference is a ‘must attend’ for Pathologists, Oncologists, Surgeons and Physicians in general who are interested in Advances in Cancer Diagnosis, Precision Oncology and how Medical Informatics is powering the future of Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment. Over the last decade great advances have been made in diagnostic pathology and in treatment options for patients suffering from malignant neoplasms. In great measure, such advances have been generated by the use of molecular techniques, which can help find better mechanisms for targeted therapies. In addition, the current use of bioinformatics has in itself created a different way of communicating and gathering information about different possibilities that not only impact diagnosis but also treatment.

Based on those recent developments, the conference will not only showcase state of the art diagnostic approach to different tumoral conditions in different anatomical areas, but also will present more current information on molecular techniques, the use of bioinformatics, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and precision medicine. Needless to say, each of these areas come together to create an incredible synergy in the treatment options that a patient may have. Therefore, all the lectures will be given by expert pathologists in their respective field as well as by experts in these modern techniques. Additionally, the lectures on treatment options will be given by experienced expert oncologists.

The most important Goals for this conference are:

  • To understand the different pathological conditions that need to be considered in the differential diagnosis of tumoral conditions.
  • To understand the morphological, immunohistochemical and molecular approach to tumour pathology.
  • To gain knowledge in current information regarding the advances of bioinformatics, artificial intelligence (A.I.) and therapeutics.
  • To understand the impact on the treatment of different pathological conditions.
  • To get acquainted with more current nomenclatures and advanced techniques.

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